EPCA membership information

The association “EPCA” is a European co-operative venture between independent, neutral and national payments consultancies. The members of the Association are consultancies and similar firms, specialising in the card business, payment systems and related services, being experts and well known and established as „market players“ in their national territory and other selected nations.
The EPCA’s role is to support each class of member to achieve the objectives and goals of Association.

There are four classes of membership, namely:
1. Founder Member. PaySys, PlusCON and PSE, who formed EPCA in 2000 under an umbrella EEIG structure, who have created the central structure business framework of the Association
2. Company Member. Totally independent consultancy company, partnership, association or trading company that consists of more than two persons with a credible and professional track record of trading for more than two years.
3. Single Member. Single independent person companies with a track record of more than two years.
4. Associate Member. Every new member will automatically become “Associate Member” for one year (trial period for both parties, i.e., EPCA and the Associate Member).

All members – except for Associate Members - have the same voting right at Associate meetings and are entitled to make decisions concerning membership.
If you wish to apply for EPCA-membership, please contact Ms. Ekaterina Wanner ewanner@paysys.de for more information and/or application forms.