Radian Quality Solutions Company (Moscow, Russia)

Radian Quality Solutions company (Moscow, Russia)
The Radian Company was founded in 2009 to provide services in the field of creation and development of payment cards business, perspective directions of payments and remote servicing technologies development. On top we have pool of specialist which worked as companies-inside setup team in many well-known projects at Russian market.
The experience of the company’s employees, also allows us rendering the qualified services on adjacent areas such as:

  • Processing and Data centers setup and creation, including construction requirements, structure lay-out, physical and information security, certification;
  • Implementing of “turn-key” solutions in area of payment cards and technologies;
  • Management of internal and external system integration processes;
  • Processing and switching systems setup and integration;
  • Composite integration in heterogeneous IT environments;
  • Elaboration and setup of in-house payments systems and payments collection schemes, including system architecture, workflows developments and launching;
  • Clearing systems setup;
  • Processing Centers construction management;
  • Data Centers construction management;
  • Payment infrastructure security (physical and logical);
  • Implementing and integration of protected document exchange systems;
  • Physical and information security elaboration management;
  • Elaboration and development of remote customer servicing systems;
  • Project management including crisis management;
  • Consultancy services in above mentioned areas

For more information:

127006, Moscow,
Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya 4–10,
Russian Federation

Feodor Gerasimenko-Karpenko
Office: +7 (495) 9202341
Mobile: +7 (903) 7333550
Email: g-kfo@radian-qs.com

Alexey Martsinkovsky
Mobile: +7 (916) 650 9396
Email: alexey.martsinkovsky@radian-qs.com